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Magnetic Racing Number Touring Plates:

Magnetic Oval Numbers
Create Your Own Custom Oval/Circle
Magnetic Number Plates
Magnetic Oval Numbers
Create Your Magnetic Touring Plates
Custom magnet racing number plates for auto doors, hoods, trunks or any other steel surfaces.
Please Note: This is magnetic material which must be applied to steel surfaces.  Aluminum, composite, fiberglass, carbon fiber or steel panels with body filler will not work.  


Self Adhesive Vinyl Number Touring Plate Decals:

Magnetic Oval Numbers
Create Your Own Custom Oval/Circle
Number Plate Decals
Magnetic Oval Numbers
Create Your Touring Number Plate Decals
Design your touring number plate ovals that are self adhesive decals and not magnets! Perfect for composite or fiberglass door panels.
Please note: These decals are self adhesive one time use products.  We do not offer ‘static cling’ or anything that is truly reusable.  Nothing in our industry sold as racing number plate or number is ‘reusable’.



Instant Road Racing Number & Class Decal Kits:

Permanent Numbers
Create Road Racing Number Decal Kits
Road Racing instantly designed custom self adhesive number and class kits.  Perfect for your competition number requirements.

Magnetic Number & Class Set Kits:

AutoCross Magnetic Numbers
Create Your Magnetic Racing Number Set
Our individual magnetic numbers are made from the strongest 0.030 magnetic sheeting available.  See page for kit sizes and options.  For use on steel body panels only.

Circle Track Stock Car Number Sets:

Stock Car Numbers
Create Your Circle Track Numbers
From street stock to modified to Nascar, we make numbering kits in many sizes and colors for cars, tow rigs and trailers

Drag Racing Number & Name Decal Kits:

Drag Race Numbers
Create Your Drag Racing Numbers
NHRA IHRA NMRA number and class kits. Many sizes and colors For cars, tow rigs and trailers. These kits can be installed on any smooth wax free surface such as glass, plexi, plastic, steel, aluminum, etc.

Predesigned Racing Decals:

Racing Decals
Shop For Predesigned Logos
Just add your name to these professional looking racing logos. With hundreds of designs to choose from and each in 20+ sizes and 45+ colors, we can make what you need!

Create Your Own Label Sticker Decals:

Custom Decals

Single Line Decals

Multiple Line Decals

Website Domain Stickers

Windshield Banners

Design Your Oval Printed Stickers

Bulk Magnet Sheeting

Bulk Blank Vinyl Material



We can help create the perfect lettering and other custom made products for your car, truck, boat, RV, ATV or any smooth wax free surface.