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eDecals.com Easy Decal Designer:

1. Install Area Color: This will be the color of the area where your decal will be installed. This is for visual purposes only. The finished product will not have this background color.
2. Enter Your Text: The text will instantly preview on the screen. Be sure of the spelling and capitalization!
3. Select The Size: Enter the height (up/down) in the first box. The length is calculated based on the height, and the number of letters. If you need to make a specific sized height and width decal, uncheck the Keep To Scale box.  The pricing is shown on the right of the screen corresponding to the overall size. (Preview size on the screen will not change but finished decal shipped to you will be the size specified)
4. Choose A Font/Typestyle: Pick a style of writing using the drop down menu provided to instantly see your text in that style. See all fount choices herel
5. Choose A Color: Pick a color from the drop down menu provided. We offer 44+ colors including speciality colors. Speciality colors are higher cost options as shown. See all colors
6. Choose An Optional Effect: For added customizing you can choose a shadow, shadow outline or outline. Browse available effects
7. Enter Your Email Address: To save your design, we email you a copy before we make it. This ensures you get exactly what you pay for. PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell, rent or trade any personal information. eDecals.com Privacy Policy
8. Optional Comments: Optional comment box allows you to enter any special requests you may have.
9. Quantity of Decals: Enter a quantity in the box provided. Volume discounts are calculated when added to cart. See eDecals.com Discounts.

Common Decal Sticker Maker Questions:

Will The Decal(s) Have a Background?: No. The decal will be individual letters that come on a prespaced protective paper backing and covering.  Once the decal is installed, the paper is removed and just the lettering is left on the surface. The background shown on the designer is only to reference the color of your vehicle.
What Size Will My Sticker(s) Come?: The finished decal(s) shipped to you will be the size specified in the size section. The size on the preview screen is not the actual size. The design preview is showing the typestyles, colors and effects. To be sure you order the proper size, please measure your install area (car, truck boat, etc) with a ruler or tape measure BEFORE ordering.
How Long Does It Take Until I Receive My Decal(s)?: These custom decal orders are batched every work day (M-F) and usually are made and ship within 24 hours. Shipping times vary depending on destination between 1 and 5 business days. We do offer Express Mail shipping if you are in a rush. Shipping time does not include time required for production. Please be sure your email address accepts mail from edecals.com in case there is an issue with your order.
Why Doesn't Chrome or Carbon Fiber Show Up On The Designer?: Due to the unique patterns and colors of carbon fiber, chrome, brush, reflective and some other specialty vinyls, we use a close solid color in the designer.  When the design is cut into a decal, the proper speciality vinyl listed in the order will be used.
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Below Are Just A Few Examples of Customer Car Decal Designs
sample car decals custom truck decals

Make your own window sticker instantly right now! Create your stickers, make decals, create your own window decal for your car truck or boat. Make your own stickers in many colors and sizes. You can design your own sticker with the tool shown below. We make stickers, create stickers, make custom decals and most orders ship the next business day! We can show you how to make your own stickers. These decals can be installed on any smooth surface including glass, aluminum paint, wood etc.
Creating your own custom lettering has never been simpler!

Custom Stickers
The possibilities are endless when you visit eDecals.com that is the premier destination for custom lettering and vinyl graphics. Indeed, custom stickers are available in any size, any image, any quantity and any shape. The artwork that you have dreamt of will also be achieved.
In any project you have, we also have our car decals, letter decals, window decals and a whole lot more. From our huge selection of custom stickers that are made of clear, white and high quality vinyl material, you will most certainly be impressed of them all. In addition to that, these are water-proof, weather resistant and stick strong on most materials and surface.
If ever you like to remove them, you could still expect it to be clean with no mess residues around. In different styles and shapes, you will be amazed of them to be received in just several days. These are also as mentioned perfect for cars.
For those whose goal is to make stickers for their car that present their company graphic or logo, our custom stickers are the best solution for you to ride in style. These are purchased at the best prices possible making them look so amazing.
Truly, you could turn your car into such a moving billboard using custom decal lettering.

Another impressive thing about the car decals to purchase from us is that these are an excellent way of showing off your brand and reaching the masses. This is especially as you intend to cruise the streets and the roadways.
With our car decal sets, these are an excellent choice for car windows and doors. These will give you the ability of covering a window with images without ever losing visibility. The most significant part is that they come in different finishes. These have also been proven to be safe and secure when installed. With additional laminating, the grime and dirt are kept out in order that the decals look great.
Our existing templates will be customized and will be created just for you. The decal size will also be completely customized. Standard sizes are available for decals and other common options are also available. The ability to choose the right size of decal or sticker is also possible.

Choose Our Car Decals Now!
Car decals are really an impressive choice for the best vehicle signage solution. These can simply be used to advertise a company, a fleet or a personal business. When you want to remove them, it will be easy and fast.
Our custom decals and stickers have been designed to be used in outdoors and indoors and in your cars, SUV’s and trucks. As long as there is a smooth and clean surface, the decals could fit to it well. Sort the huge selection of stickers and decals and themes that suit your preference.
Believe in your imagination in using custom stickers now. There are also perfect gifts for loved ones and friends that come in size, design, quantity and colors!

custom car decals

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