Why We Stopped Offering Expedited/Express Shipping

After months of deliberation, we have decided to discontinue Express Mail service for our customers.  We have been offering this service since we began selling decal products online in 1999.  So this decision did not come lightly.  Below are the reasons why.
1.  THE RUSH FACTOR.  Customers who select Express Mail inherently believe that the product will be both made and shipped faster.  But our production process does not change when someone selects a specific shipping service.  With no less than 4 disclaimers on the website alerting customers that the product needs to be made and most times there are dozens of orders ahead of the order being placed, so the production time is generally 2 to 4 business days.  Despite this, we get angry customers demanding that the order ship the same day or even the same hour. (A different world we live in these days).
2.  SIGNATURE REQUIRED.  Customers who select Express Mail Shipping Signature Required do not read the ‘required’ part and then get angry when the Post Office attempts delivery to their address when a person is not there to sign for it.   The USPS carrier will usually leave a card for signature or retrieval at their local post office.  This again creates angry customers when it clearly states ‘signature required’.
3.  INVALID ADDRESSES.  So customers in a rush often times give us an address that is a physical address but does not accept US mail.  This means we pay for the Express Service, it gets attempted then sent back to us.  By then the impatient customer charges back the transaction, leaving us with an unpaid express mail charge, the cost of the product and a $30 chargeback fee from our credit card processor.
4.  COST.  The Express Mail cost can vary greatly across the United States and depending on the destination and weight, we can lose up to $20 per package if our charges don’t match the actual cost.
5.  USPS DELIVERY DELAYS.  The USPS guarantees delivery for Express Mail.  However, filing a claim can take up to 30 days to get a refund to us and meanwhile we have an angry customer that wants a refund immediately.  We have found that out of the three carriers (UPS, FEDEX and USPS), USPS has the best delivery reputation for our types of packages.  That being said, all shipping carriers are still being effected by both COVID and supply chain delays.  Once the shipment leaves our facility, we have zero control over how long it takes to get to your door.  Please have patience. Thank you.
6.  THE AMAZON GENERATION. Within the past 4 years Amazon has been able to stock and ship off-the-shelf products within a day of ordering it.  We have all gotten used to immediate shipping (we have as well).   Our products are created to the specifications you as the customer give us (size, color combination, font, material, quantity).  Each item we sell is made to order, so we are creating each item in the order it was invoiced.  This is much different than a store like Amazon pulling a part off the shelf and shipping it.  Our production takes time and despite what you may hear, we do not have elves working around the clock to create your decals!
Over the past 23 years we have strived to provide the highest quality products at the best pricing possible (most of our retail pricing has not increased in the past 9 years, including after Covid).  While 90% of our customers are great people, appreciative and genuine.  A growing percentage of the public is entitled, impatient and rude.  When this percentage gets high enough we will then choose to sell or cease our operations.  This business has been in operation locally since 1995 and online since 1999 so closing our doors would be a live altering situation for us and our staff.  But stemming the tide of impatient customers (mostly when they failed to plan ahead and are now in a rush which somehow should be our problem) has become a full time job.

We will continue to provide our products and services in the most timely manner possible but as you should understand, once the package leaves our hands, it is the responsibility of the USPS for delivery.

Be kind.

Updated May 16 2022