How To Use The

The Instant Decal Designer is very simple to use. Just enter the text you want to design in the box marked TEXT. Instantly, the wording in the gray example box will change!
Enter Your Custom Text
Click on the Text entry box and type in the wording you would like to use. Be sure of the spelling and capitalization!
Enter The Decal Height:
The length will be calculated based on the height, the number of letters used and the font used. If you need to make a specific sized height and width decal, uncheck the Keep To Scale box. The pricing is shown on the right of the screen corresponding to the height and width.
Select A Font:
We offer over 150 styles of writing. The font drop down box allows you to instantly change the font used for your design. The View Fonts link opens a new window showing all the available fonts. TIP: Once you select a font, you can use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to preview your decal in all the fonts listed.
Select A Color:
We offer 44+ colors including specialty colors. The specialty colors are a higher cost option as shown in the amount to the right of the color box. NOTE: Carbon fiber, reflective and chrome colors will show up as shades of standard colors on the interface, but will be made in the color you purchase.
Optional Effect:
In addition to standard colors, we also offer outlines, shadowing and shadow + outlines for all our custom decals. The Examples link shows you examples of each effect. These effects are extra cost options as shown to the right of the box. Once you select and effect, then select an effect color.
Email Address:
Our custom designer will email you a copy of the design! This ensures you get exactly what you paid for.
Optional comment box allows you to enter any special requests you may have.
Enter a quantity in the box provided. We offer great discounts for ordering in bulk. The percentages are shown in the Discounts link provided. The discount will be calculated after the design is added to the shopping cart.

Answers To Common Questions:

Will The Decal Have a Background?:
No. The decal will be individual letters that come on a pre spaced protective paper backing and covering. Once the decal is installed, the paper is removed and the lettering is left on the surface.
Why Doesn’t Chrome or Carbon Fiber Show Up On The Designer?:
Due to the unique patterns and colors of carbon fiber, chrome, brush, reflective and some other specialty vinyls, we use a close solid color in the designer. When the design is cut into a decal, the proper specialty vinyl listed in the order will be used.