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PSD105 Swisher Universal Fit Pinstripe Kit

These self adhesive vinyl graphic decal pinstripe kits are made as an opposing pair for installation on both sides of your car, truck, boat, rv, etc. The kit includes the high quality vinyl decals, installation instructions, a plus a free installation tool. This kit can be installed by most people with patience and the ability to read instructions.

Select a Size: Use the drop down menu to select a width for the pattern pinstripe decal kit. All kits are made in (16) sections each measuring approximately 60 inches. The pattern stripes are repeating so you can stick one section to the end of the next. Each kit has (8) pattern stripes and (8) straight stripes. The pattern stripes are made the width listed and the straight sections are approximately .25 inch wide.

Select a Color: This decal kit is available in the colors shown in the drop down menu. These kits are only available in the colors listed. VIEW COLOR CHART

Select a Quantity: Choose a quantity of decal kits. Remember, that each kit comes with 16 stripe pieces (8 pattern and 8 straight). If you select more than a quantity of one, you will be ordering multiple kits.

NOTICE: SOME TRIMMING IS REQUIRED AND INSTALLATION SHOULD BE DONE IN A CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT. We can not be held responsible for installation error or misjudging the size kit needed for your application. All of our products are custom made to order, therefore there are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES on any orders. Measure your vehicle and choose the proper size and color combination for your application. Please read the REFUND/EXCHANGE policy before ordering.

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    PSD105 Swisher Universal Fit Pinstripe Kit