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FLM702 Flame Decal

FLM702 Flame Decal

These self adhesive vinyl graphic decals are available as a single decal or in opposing pairs (see size options). They can be installed on any smooth surface including cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, helmets, skateboards, etc.

Select a Size/Cost: Use the drop down menu to select a size for your flame decal. You can select to purchase on single flame or a pair of flames. The pairs are mirrored pairs for installation on both sides of your vehicle.

Select a Color: These flame decals are available in the solid colors shown in the drop down menu. In additional to the standard flame colors, you can choose a specialty color from the menu (These are extra cost options as shown).

Shadow/Outline or Secondary Color: In addition to the single color decals, you can choose to outline, shadow or make a certain portion of the decal a second color. The extra cost associated with each is shown. Please use the text box to explain what portion of the design should be made in the second color.

Color Fading Colors: If you want this flame decal to fade from one color to another color, click here.

Select a Quantity: Choose a quantity for your decals. Remember, you can select a single or a pair of decals. If you want a mirrored pair, select a pair from the size option and select a quantity of one.

NOTICE: All of our products are custom made to order, therefore there are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES on any orders. Measure your vehicle and choose the proper size and color combination for your application. Please read the REFUND/EXCHANGE policy before ordering.

Quantity Discounts6 - 920 %
Quantity Discounts10 - 2330 %
Quantity Discounts24 - 4940 %
Quantity Discounts50 - 9950 %
Quantity Discounts100 - 24958 %
Quantity Discounts250 - 250065 %
    FLM702 Flame Decal
    FLM702 Flame Decal