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SUP108 CoroPlast Sign Blank

SUP108 CoroPlast Sign Blank

BLANK COROPLAST PLASTIC SIGN MATERIAL – SUP108: This blank corrugated plastic material is perfect for low cost signage that is waterproof and will last for years! This is the same material used to make realtor signs and most temporary signage for house sales, golf outings, and other events.

SIZE: Select a size from the options listed. Quantity discounts are shown here

COLOR: Available in white or yellow only. Please do not contact us asking for other colors.

Select a Quantity: Choose a quantity of sign blanks. If you choose a bulk amount in the size section, you will be selecting a quantity of sets.

NOTE: This is just the plastic without any wording on it. if you would like to make a complete sign, goto coroplast signs. Additional shipping charges will apply to quantities over 10 pieces. There are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES on any orders. Measure your application and choose the proper size and color combination for your application. Please read the REFUND/EXCHANGE policy before ordering.

SHIPPING NOTE: Actual shipping charges will apply to all bulk orders. The shipping cost listed during checkout may not reflect your actual cost if ordering multiples of this item. Additional shipping charges may be added to the order when it is processed for payment.

Quantity Discounts6 - 920 %
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Quantity Discounts250 - 250065 %
    SUP108 CoroPlast Sign Blank
    SUP108 CoroPlast Sign Blank