COL802 Color Fade Flame Decal

These color fade self adhesive vinyl graphics are made for installation on most smooth surfaces including cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, helmets, skateboards, etc.

Select a Size/Cost: Use the drop down menu to select a size. You can purchase either singles or pairs of color flame decals.

Select a Color Fade: These decals are available in the colors fades as shown above. There are many color combinations available.

To select your color combination simply:
1. Choose a starting color (left side marked A) from the color fade samples listed.
2. Choose an ending color (right side marked B) from the color fade samples listed.

Now the accent listed above will have the color fade (A to B) you chose.

Slight color varations may exist in the product due to the printing process and settings on your monitor which may effect how the color shades are shown on your screen. MAKE SURE OF THE COLOR COMBINATION BEFORE YOU PLACE THE ORDER. WE CAN NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ON THESE CUSTOM GRAPHICS FOR ANY REASON.

Select an Optional Outline: You can select to have an outline around the color fade graphics. You can choose from the solid colors listed in the menu. This is an extra cost option as listed. OUTLINE

Solid Color Flames: If you want this flame decal in a single solid color or a solid color with an outline, click here.

Select a Quantity: Choose a quantity. Remember these are available as singles or pairs. If you want a mirrored pair, select a pair from the size option and select a quantity of one.

NOTICE: All of our products are custom made to order, therefore there are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES on any orders. Measure your vehicle and choose the proper size and color combination for your application. Please read the REFUND/EXCHANGE policy before ordering.

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COL802 Color Fade Flame Decal
COL802 Color Fade Flame Decal