SUP101 Bulk Magnetic Material


This bulk magentic is available in 24 inch width and unlimited length. This material is .030 inches thick and will adher to most steel metallic surfaces. Not for use on fiberglass, windows, plastic or composite body panels.

White Magnetic is $12.00 per linear foot (12in x 24in) Add 20% for colors.

Select a Magnetic Color: Use the drop down menu to select a color for the magnetic color. Colors other than white are available at an additional charge of 20% per linear foot. Specialty vinyls are not available for this product. VIEW COLOR CHART HERE

Select a Length: Use the drop down menu to select a length. This represents the linear feet you wish to purchase. The material is 24 inches tall and cut to any length (1ft, 2ft, 3ft, 6ft, etc). So if you want a piece of magnetic 24 inches tall and 3 feet long, you would select a quantity of 3. The magnetic will be one large section. Additional shipping charges may apply to orders of 2 linear feet and over due to the additional weight.

Comments: Let us know any special instructions or options you need.

SPECIAL NOTE: This product is non refundable, non returnable and must be trimmed for use. Check your order for damage during shipment within 3 days. Measure your vehicle and choose the proper size and color combination for your application. Please read the REFUND/EXCHANGE policy before ordering. SORRY, NO VOLUME DISCOUNTS FOR THIS PRODUCT.

SHIPPING NOTE: Actual shipping charges will apply to all bulk orders. The shipping cost listed during checkout may not reflect your actual cost if ordering multiples of this item. Additional shipping charges will be added to the order when it is processed for payment.

SUP101 Bulk Magnetic Material
SUP101 Bulk Magnetic Material