SUP107 Blank Perforated See-Thru Window Visor Strip


BLANK PERFORATED SEE-THRU WINDOW VISOR SUN STRIP - SUP107: This blank material is perforated with thousands of holes so when installed on the outside of your vehicle, you can see out, but they can't see inside. The adhesive side of the vinyl is black and the outside of the vinyl is white. Can be installed on the vehicle's windows, helmet face shields, motorcycle wind visors, etc.

SIZE: Select a size from the options listed.

COLOR: Available in white only. Please do not contact us asking for other colors.

QUANTITY: Choose a quantity of blank strips

NOTE: Trimming is required for installation. If installed on the glass where window wipers will be used, we suggest sealing the edge of the vinyl with sealer, pinstripe, nail polish, etc. Not responsible for damage due to customer installation. No special cuts, color or sizes available. Remember, this is perforated vinyl material, not window tint. It is designed for outside application. Check your local laws regarding installation of this or any vinyl material on the outside of your vehicle before you make a purchase!

CUSTOM WINDSHIELD DECAL: Do you want to write a phrase on top of the blank strip? We can help. Simply add this blank strip to your cart, then goto the the CUSTOM DECALS section, and fill out the forms. We will email you with a sizing and price quote for your custom decals!

NOTICE: All of our products are custom made to order, therefore there are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES on any orders. Measure your vehicle and choose the proper size and color combination for your application. Please read the REFUND/EXCHANGE policy before ordering.

SUP107 Blank Perforated See-Thru Window Visor Strip
SUP107 Blank Perforated See-Thru Window Visor Strip