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Racing Stripe kit Installation Instructions

- All products are designed for installation on the outside of the vehicle.
- Required Items include an installation squeegee (included), masking tape, glass cleaner, dry paper towels, measuring tape or ruler.
- Do not apply any vinyl graphics in direct sunlight. Make sure it is between 60 degrees and 80 degrees F
- Do not store unapplied graphics in direct sunlight - damage may occur.
- All dirt, grease and wax must be removed from the car surface before the decal is applied. This includes wax from mechanical car washes, rain-x, compound, etc. Failure to take this step may result in the decal not sticking to the vehicle surface.


  Remove the stripes from packaging. Lay stripes flat on a smooth table in an area that is at least 60° F and below 80° F.
Inspect decals for damage during shipment. We double-check all orders are checked prior to shipment for damage. Any damage incurred during shipping must be reported to us within 48 hours.

  To ensure that the stripe is properly stuck to the transfer tape covering before installing it, take the squeegee application tool and press firmly over the whole surface of the face of the stripe while it is still laying flat on the table.

  Using a string or other line, place it over the vehicle from the front to the back in the desired location for the stripes. Be sure that the string is symetrically centered on the vehicle. mark this location with a pencil of other nonpermanent marking device at the front and the rear of each body panel. This will serve as the location of the edge of the stripes.
All waxes, oils, and polish must be removed from the vehicle surface to insure that the decal will stick properly Make sure the area is at least 60° F and no hotter than 80° F.

Measure the length of each body panel to which the stripe is to be applied. Lay the stripe section over the area of the vehicle, trimming the excess stripe off one end (leave at least an inch entra) Save all cut off pieces, as they can be used to cover bumpers and fins.  
Once the decal is aligned to the vehicle, stand back and look at the decal. it should be level with respect to the ground. Adjust as necessary.

  Place a strip of masking tape at one end of the stripe, as this will hold the end of the stripe while installing. Working from that end to the other, slowly peel back the release paper 1/2 way down and spray the body surface with a fine mist of water solution (not soapy solution). With a squeegee, apply the stripe to the body panel working from the center of the stripe outward. As you work further down the stripe, slowly continue to remove the backing paper as needed. Slowly continue to apply the stripe with the squeegee, applying even pressure across the width of the stripe.

Once the entire piece is applied, remove the masking tape from the end of the stripe. Next remove the transfer tape covering, carefully pulling parallel to the surface of the vehicle.  

  Any small air pockets can be easily removed by first placing a small hole in the bubble (small hole, not large slice). Then moisten the squeegee edge with water and slide the squeegee along the surface of the stripe where the bubble is, working the air towards the hole.
The squeegee must be kept wet when using it on the strip once the protective transfer tape is removed during installation. Most small air bubbles will dissolve within 2 weeks due to sunlight and temperature changes.

stickers Once the entire sticky side of the decal is applied to the vehicle, go over the decal with the application squeegee, with increasingly harder strokes. Then begin peeling the transfer tape covering the decal.
The transfer tape covering is made of paper with a sticky backing. This must be removed after the decal is installed. The vehicle surface must be proper temperature for this tape to be removed easily.

Once the decal is installed, to keep it looking new, simply wash it whenever you wash the vehicle. You can apply car wax, clearcoat, or RainEx over the decal once it is applied. your new decal will give you years of great looks. If you are in cold climate be careful when using an ice scraper on any surface where decals are applied.

All of our products are custom made to order. There are no refunds, no exchanges and no returns on any of our products. If you destroy the decal during installation, we may offer you a replacement at a reduced cost. In order to qualify for a lower cost replacement, you must send us the damaged decal. Management reserves the right to modify this policy.

This page is protected by U.S. and International Copyrights. Any duplication or distribution of this information in any form is illegal. We have successfully prosecuted content theft in the past and aggressively pursue violators. The information has been imbedded with searchable phrases which can be traced to any website using them.

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