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~ Racing Number Kits ~ Instant Magnetic Racing Number Oval Designer
Magnetic Racing Number
Oval / Circle Plates
Oval and circle racing number magnetics are easy to design. Racing number magnetic plates can be made in many colors and sizes. This magnetic oval decal creator allows you to personalize your oval lettering to suit your needs.


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This designer is for creating custom Magnetic Oval Number Plates,
for all Auto Racing Number Decals

Oval Magnetic Designer Instructions:
1. Choose An Oval or Circle Style
At the top of the design tool, select if you want a magnetic oval or circle. We offer standard and pinstripe versions. Keep in mind that the actual size of the number is smaller than the total height of the oval or circle. Generally the height of the number is 2/3 of the height of the oval or 1/2 the height of the circle.
2. Select a Size/Quantity
Based on the style you chose in step 1, select the size and quantity for your magentic ovals/circles. There is a discount shown for buying in pairs instead of singles. Remember, if numbering both sides of your car, you will need 2 number ovals.
3. Enter Your Number
Using the text box, enter your racing number. It should instantly preview on the screen. Once you select your favorite font below, the number may not be centered in the oval/circle. In that case, simply click and drag the small red squares on the number preview area to center and enlarge or make smaller the number to your desired size.
4. Choose A Font/Typestyle
Pick a style of writing using the drop down menu provided to instantly see your number in that style. Click Here to view all

NOTE: Once you select your favorite font, the number may not be centered in the oval/circle. In that case, simply click and drag the small red squares on the number preview area to center and enlarge or make smaller the number to your desired size.
5. Choose A Base and Number Color
Pick the base color from the drop down menu provided. Then choose a number color.  View All.
6. Enter Your Email Address
In order to save your design, we email you a copy before we make it. This ensures you get exactly what you paid for. PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell, rent or trade any personal information. Privacy
7. Comments - Optional
Optional comment box allows you to enter any special requests you may have.


Answers To Common Questions:
Will The Number Have a Background?:
Yes. These decals are made with a magnetic background in the color you choose.
Will The Magnetic Stick To My Car?:
Yes. We use only .030 thick industrial grade magnetic material. Please be sure that the vehicle has steel body panels where you want to place the magnetics. We also do suggest taping the front edge of the magnet if you are travelling over 80mph. Do not install the magentic material over body contours or seams in body panels as it may not adhere to the vehicle at hight speeds. Store your magnetics on a temparature controlled flat surface.
How Long Does It Take Until I Receive My Order?:
These custom orders are batched every work day (M-F) and usually are made and ship within 1 business day. Shipping times vary depending on destination between 1 and 5 business days. We do offer Express Mail shipping if you are in a rush. Please be sure your email address accepts mail from edecals.com in case there is an issue with your order.
How Tall Will The Numbers be?:
The height of the numbers will depend upon the style of oval or circle. Generally the numbers in a magnetic circle or oval are 60% of the overall diameter. So a 10" circle will yield a 6" number. Please order accordingly. We custom make these to order so there are no returns for choosing the wrong size. All sizes listed in the design tool are the outer dimensions of the oval/circle.

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