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Custom License Plate Auto Tag Frames

These personal license plate frames fit any U.S. car license plate and can be designed right now. We offere these Custom license plate frames in chrome white black and gold mirror. Custom chrome license plate frames can be made with almost any wording or colors. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find examples from our customers of actual designs that were made into these frames.
Auto License Plate Frame Instructions:
1. Choose a Frame Color: Choose a color for your custom made auto license plate frame. We offer chrome mirror metal, gold mirror metal, pink metal, white metal and black metal.
2. Select a Quantity: From the drop down list provided, select a quantity of license plate frames. Discounts are shown for multiples of the same design.
3. Enter Your Top Text: Enter the text you would like to have on the top portion of the frame. If you do not want lettering on top, simple leave blank. Please note, emojis or full color symbols are not available for the frames.
4. Choose a Font For Top Text: Pick a style of writing with the drop down menu provided. You will instantly see your text in that style. View Fonts
5. Enter Your Bottom Text: Enter the text you would like to have on the bottom portion of the frame. If you do not want lettering on bottom, simple leave blank. Please note, emojis or full color symbols are not available for the frames.
6. Choose a Font For Bottom Text: Pick a style of writing with the drop down menu provided. You will instantly see your text in that style. View Fonts
7. Enter Your Email Address: In order to save your design, we email you a copy before we make it. This ensures you get exactly what you paid for. PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell, rent or trade any personal information. Privacy Policy
8. Comments - Optional: Optional comment box allows you to enter any special requests you may have.

Answers To Common Questions:
Will the frames fit my car?:
Yes. These license plate frames will fit any US license plate. Please check your local laws regarding the use of license plate frames. These frames are not for motorcycles
How Long Does It Take Until I Receive My Order?:
These custom orders are batched every work day (M-F) and usually are made and ship within 24 hours. Shipping times vary depending on destination between 1 and 5 business days. We do offer Express Mail shipping if you are in a rush. Production time is normally one business day. Please be sure your email address accepts mail from edecals.com in case there is an issue with your order.
What Are The Frames Made Of And Are They Etched?:
These custom auto license plate frames are made from anodized metal. We computer cut vinyl lettering and install the lettering to the frames. They are not engraved or etched. They will fit any U.S. state license plate. They will not fit on motorcycle license plates.

Examples of Customer License Plate Frames:

Create Your Own License Plate Frames

Personalized Auto License Plate Frames
Get the name of your brand recognized by way of personalized auto license plate frames. These have been an excellent way for you to express your best self. These can also be a great promotional product or promotional item. The good thing about these personalized license plate frames is that these come with license plate cover.

Since these have been custom-made, these could really meet your unique needs. Each of the personalized license plates comes with chrome license plate holder that protects it from debris and dust.

eDecals will create a more personalized license plate frame for personal or business use. The colors and fonts are also made available for each client. Using only the most resistant vinyl graphics, the license plate frames will be looking good over a long period of time.

The versatile selection of plate frames are found in different colors and are also great for promotional products. Whether you advertise for a 1-time event or you want to bring out a consistent message to potential customers, the custom license plate frames are an excellent way to go.

The impressive thing about them is that they are great than car dealerships and they can also be customized for a business like:

  • State and National parks, tourist destinations
  • Restaurants and Tourist Stops
  • Motels and Inns
  • Auto repair Shops and Mechanics’ garages

Expect it further that the chrome license plates will add up personality and sense to your license plate. Each of these plates will be made from a heavy duty material and will be chrome plated for a professional appearance and superior quality.

One more thing about the custom license plate frames is that it could withstand years of use. It is proven to be very study as it had underwent several tests and studies. This is also even a great option for personalized gift for your family, friends and co-worker.

It is nevertheless essential to consider eDecals as the best source for the most personalized auto license plate frames. The license frames have been completely sealed, anodized and waxed for greater weather durability. The personality, the truck, the alumni, the business and the motorcycle could be promoted the easy and fast way possible.

With the customization options to choose for the frame, you will more than be impressed of them all. Choose from the list of logos and fonts and let us design it right now. In any color or wording you want, it could just be made possible.

This designer is for creating custom license plate frames.  For custom decals, Design Custom Decals

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