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AXP205 – Individual Magnetic Racing Class Letter

This is for those racers who need only one class letter or are adding to an old order for numbers.  If you need a complete kit, CLICK HERE

All our high quality magnetic numbering kits feature .030 inch thick magnetic material in your choice of 25 colors. These are individual letters with no background. So be sure to choose a kit color that contrasts well with the color of your vehicle.

If you need more than one letter (for both sides of your vehicle, you will want to order a quantity of 2 letters)

AutoCross Magnetic Numbers AutoCross Magnetic Numbers

These computer cut magnetic number kits are intended for installation on flat steel body panels. They are not intended for installation on fiberglass, carbon fiber, aluminum or composite materials. This high quality industrial grade magnetic may not stay adhered to your vehicle at high speeds or if improperly stored and/or installed on the vehicle. Customer assumes risk of damaging or rendering magnetics unusable during use and storage and therefore we are not responsible for your use or misuse of this product. There are no returns, exchanges or replacement for any items in these kits. Some variations in sizing may occur due to the typestyle and type of kit purchased. These kits are not intended to confirm to any particular class or racing series. We assume no liability or fitness for particular use. By purchasing this product, you understand and agree to the above terms.