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Custom Truck Lettering - Truck Decals

Truck lettering for all sizes of cars vans and trucks. We manufacture all of our products in house. That means we make it all right here in NJ. Email or call is you have any questions. Or use our powerful design tools below to create your designs instantly! Most orders are made and shipped the next business day. All orders come with installation instructions and a free squeegee installation tool.
Truck Door Lettering Truck/Van/Car Door Lettering Kits
Need just your doors lettered? Use this easy instant door lettering designer to create your own lettering.
Van Lettering Kits - Click Here To Get Started! Van Lettering Kits
Create custom lettering for your commercial van. We can make lettering for your cargo can which will promote your business.
Box Truck Lettering Kits - Click Here To Get Started! Box Truck Lettering Kits
Create custom lettering for your commercial truck. Got a big box truck with no lettering? We can help!
Instant One Line Decal Designer GVW Numbers

USDOT Numbers
Create your required usdot and gvw number decals

NJHIC New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor Numbers

Not For Hire Private Coach Decals

Instant Magnetic Sign Designer Magnetic Sign Designer
Do you need to put your company name on your car or truck?
Multiple Line Decals Multiple Line Decal Designer
Idedntical to the single line decal creator, except you can make many lines of txt in one decal. It can also stick to almost any smooth flat surface including steel, glass, wood, fiberglas, etc. You can design it with different typestyles and colors.


Truck Door Stickers
Vinyl Decals
Door Letters

We have been in the business of making commercial signage such as truck lettering, jobsite signs and illuminated signboxes since 1993. We specialize in custom lettering, full color wraps and other fleet markings. Whether your advertising your business or just trying to comply with State or Federal Regulations, We have a solution for you!

View our customer photo gallery here. It highlights a small fraction of the vehicles we have lettered.

Vehicle branding is one important aspect of advertising any worthy business. The kind of truck lettering on your vehicle will give a sense of professionalism about the services you are giving. Edecals.com gives you the chance to use a range of customised lettering designs on your car or truck to add to the sense of professionalism of your company.

There is a lot that you can achieve with the services that we avail for use on your car or truck. We make it possible for you to create customised van stickers to use on your automobile. There are a dozen messages that you can pass through with these stickers and other pickup truck signs that you may choose to use. Generally, our company gives you the chance to make the design of lettering that you would wish to see on your vehicle.

eDecals.com has an easy to use interface which works well for your design needs. You have the tools necessary to design a quality decal that will work best to pass your message across. When you identify a kind of lettering that could appeal to you, there are ready tools that you can use to pull it off. This implies simply that you choose what you want to appear on your vehicle of truck. Even if it is in the form of sign writing, you have the tools and ability to design it given our easy to use website.

Right on your screen, you can experiment with the design that will finally appear on your vehicle. There are numerous colouring options and your choice depends on your creativity and business branding needs. You can add the colours that you would wish to see inscribed on your vehicle. Moreover, the control of the fonts is right at your disposal as well. A designer may have a vague idea what pickup lettering signs can work for your company. However, when you give the design a touch of your own skill, you will be more satisfied with the results.

Aside from the stick on letters that you will have pulled off yourself, you have the option of selecting a given effect. This usually adds to the appeal of your chosen design of truck lettering. After you are sure that you have designed what will be best on your car or truck, you will add it to the cart. When you do this, we send an email of the design you pulled to you. You can then review it in new light to be sure that it is what will really work best for your branding campaign.

Once we are through with the other details of shipping, billing and any other information, we ship the customised decal the next business day. The vinyl truck wrap kits, for example, can be easily installed to your truck to portray the branding campaign borne of your own creativity. eDecals.com makes it easy for you to letter your truck in a manner that speaks volumes about your company.

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