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CUSTOMER FEEDBACK FROM Jan 2004 to June 2004

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From: Derek B  Date: Jan 2004
I just bought 2 little decals from edecals.com. Cool Stuff. Broke into the Priority Mail envelope and discovered my decals, a free edecals.com one and a free magnet along with an application tool and instructions. They went on beautifully.They sure beat some of those cheap rip-offs that you can teel the guy cut out in some vinyly razor blade

From: Rachel Z  Date: Jan 2004
I ordered a decal from you guys and I received it quickly and nothing wrong with it. Im very satisfied with it Thank you.

From: Richard D  Date: Jan 2004
The decals look great. I put them on and have since gone through the car wash and they remain. thank you so much for the quick shipping and great product. I'll be back.

From: Julio S  Date: Jan 2004
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I received the Pro St. decals (thanx for the extra) They look great. I havent applied them to anything yet but im sure they will look great on my vehicles including my Pro St '69 Camaro. I will be sure to cone back to you guys when Im ready to get my racing organization/team/business decalse and will let others know about your great products and quick service. Thanks again and best wishes to you and your business.

From: Sara D  Date: Jan 2004
I was very impressed with the ease of use in the webiste, the careful packaging of my decals and the extremely detailed instructions that came with them. I had no problems with my order, but Im confident that if I had any problems they would have been resolved immediately and to my satisfaction.

From: Terrence J  Date: Jan 2004
I ordered 2 custom decals from you. Bother were great quality, I am very happy with the product I recieved. I will order again fron you in the future.

From: James R  Date: Jan 2004
I must compliment you guys on a job well done. I love the graphic. I also want to say that the packaging was awesome and so were the instructions. The little smoother tool was a great little extra. My installation went flawless and everything came out great. If i ever need another custom graphic done I will come to you guys. Thanks again for everything.

From: Ken  Date: Feb 2004
This is my second order from your company. The first order was placed on 2-09-02 and I was quite impressed when it arrived. I decided to place another order.

From: Monique J  Date: Feb 2004
The weather had been a bit cold lately here so I was so happy when it warmed enough to place your decals on my car. People at work ask me where i got them and I just give them your email address. Once again, GREAT PRODUCT. Looking forward to ordering again.

From: Wesley B  Date: Feb 2004
You guys rock!!!! I was totally satisfied with how my decal turned out on my windshield. The craftsmanship was truly superior in replicating my custom design. I did not recieve my free application tool and edecal sticker, however. I would like a sticker if you guys would have time to mail me one. Im attaching a couple of pics of how the finished product turned out.

From: Justin V  Date: Feb 2004
Hello I was just writing to say that I am very pleased with the windshield decal I received from your company. It was made just as I asked and looks awesome. It seems to be a very durable material unlike some of the others I had bought before. Im pretty sure it will last a long time. I am also very impressed with the fact that the buyer can choose many different options for his decals. It allows total customization, thanx again.

From: Joe M  Date: Feb 2004
I would just like to pass a great comlpliment to you all. I have placed 3 orders in the last 3 weeks and have found the service and quality of the decal impeccable.Keep up the great work and I look forward to more orders with you in the very near future.

From: Gail  Date: Feb 2004
Superior service too. I couldnt beleive my BS decals arrived so quickly and they are perfect. Nice work. I will recommend you highly. Actually I might need you again soon. Im disabled and we just bought a home in acommunity where everyone uses golf carts to get around. Im planning to buy one soon and id like to dress it up with flames etc. Id want to make it look like a race cart an dI think you have some designs I can use. When I order those youll have to send some business cards with them because all my neighbors will envy me. Thanks again, great job!!

From: Steve Date: Feb 2004
The decals you made for us were easy to apply and they look great on our motorhome. See attached for a picture of our Palm Decal in action.

From: Jessica  Date: Mar 2004
I just recieved my order. I am very pleased with everything and excited to see them on my car. Thanks again.

From: Calvin M  Date: Mar 2004
The decal that I received was a very good quality and easy to apply. The directions where alitte hard to understand at first but once I applied the second decal, if was very easy to apply. thanks for the great quality of the decal, it seems very nice and time will tell if the decal holds. Thanks again.

From: Bruce F  Date: Mar 2004
This is my 2nd order... phenomenal service and good communication. So many selections to look at on your website, too.

From: Chris B Date: Mar 2004
Just wanted to send some praise your way. I have ordered 8 decals from you in the last couple of weeks. I am a scuba giving instructor/Spearfisherman and use them on my scube a diving tanks and speargun. They have worked great thus far and will be refering you to all of my diving customers thank you.

From: Sherry S  Date: Mar 2004
The eagle decals that I purchased from you look great on my van. They were easy to apply. The service was excellent. Thanx.

From: Michael H  Date: Mar 2004
Your product is one of the best on the market. It was simple to install. Although the insturctions was alittle hard to understand.

From: Sandy T  Date: Mar 2004
I just LOVE my see-thru window decal that you did for me. I cant thank you enough. Now ill be able to find my car in a fleet of identical cars. Truly, I just love it. Thank you again.

From: Kevin K  Date: Mar 2004
I was extremely happy with the service yo provided in creating my custom window decal. An excellent product, very reasonably priced and custom made in under a week. Doesnt get any better than that.

From: Charlie C  Date: Mar 2004
I recieved my Asian Dragon Symbols and they look great on my new 2005 Ford Escape. When I can get a picture I will email then to you as well. I used a local graphics installer that had done work for me in the past and even he was impressed. Thanks for the speedy delivery and quality.

From: Jr  Date: Mar 2004
I just received my order and I wanted to simply thank you for your great and fast work with this. The magnet signs came out really great, awesome, excellent, etc.

From: AHCREW Date: Mar 2004
I just received my new graphics for my helmet and I am very happy with the way that they turned out. They were super easy to install and look way better than ust a plain black helmet. I have a 2003 special edition R6 with pink flames and your company had the reatest color selection I could find.. in fact the ONLY company with the color I was looking for. Thank you so much... I will be ordering from you again.

From:Michaels C Date: Mar 2004
I recieved my decals today. Awesome job on getting them out so quickly. Thanks for the directions and application tool, those are very helpful. I wouldnt hesitate to purchase from you guys again, excellent job.

From: Hardy  Date: April 2004
From several different websites that sell the same product then you, yours was the first one that made any cents and was straight forward. So in other words... GOOD JOB!!!!!

From: Apullano  Date: April 2004
Quick and easy to apply. Anyone can do it. Just peel, stick, swipe and peel

From: Starr C  Date: April 2004
Hello I just wanted to express how happy I am with the crossfire windhield decal that I ordered from you. I am so impressed. What a beautiful job you did. Is it PERFECT. I got your name from a friend whos Dad works for Chrystler and I saw a few things that he had ordered from you and I was so impressed I will highly recommend you. Again thank you for a wonderful job. I have a brand new crossfire and I only want the best looking on it.

From: Brad P  Date: April 2004
The magnetic signs you made for me look great. Just wanted to say thank you and I will recommend.

From: Randall P  Date: April 2004
Just finished the first decal and wan tto say that its awesome. You guys did a great job. Once the rest of the team parents see this I will probably be ordering more. Thanks again for a job well done.

From: Ricky Date: April 2004
I got the decals on Sat. They look excellent. I appreciate the helpfulness of your staff and it was very quick. Once again, thank you. I will be ordering more of them soon.

From: Erin Date: April 2004
I am so happy I found you guys. I ws very impressed with how quickly I received my stickers. Your selection and variety is great! I will refer people to you for sure. As well as order more for myself!

From: Shana K Date: April 2004
We received our order yesterday and applied them on our race car. We are ordering for another sponsor today. We have attached pictures of our race car. This is our second season of ordering decals from your company(the phone number decal on the windshield is from last year) and we will order again next year. The quality is excellent and the prices make it very affordable to buy our sponsors decal to match the race car design we plan each season. Total order time and submitting it online to arrival at our door is absolutely awesome. We truly appreciate the quality, service and variety offered by your company. Thank you.

From: Yvonne Y  Date: April 2004
I recently made a puchase with your company and I am very satisfied with what I recieved. The design and the color came out better than I thought it would. Your pricing for the custom lettering is very reasonable, I would definitely order from your company again. Thank you for the excellent work.

From: Michelle P  Date: April 2004
My decal is fabulous. I couldnt ask for anything more! Thanks so much! If i ever need another one, Im definitely coming to you guys. Have a good one.

From: Drew  Date: April 2004
Just wanted to thank you guys. The flames I ordered were awesome and the service was fast and painless. I already told a few freinds about you

From: Jeanine  Date: April 2004
I just received my order today. Thank you for your prompt service. I appreciated the packet of instruction and handy tool to adhere the decal. I llok forward to using your company again and recommending your company to others.

From: Rob  Date: April 2004
I purchased registration numbers for my boat through your website. The product turned out better than I expected and really makes my boat look nice.Online service was fast I was going to go to a ocal print shop but couldnt resist ordering online based on how simple the process was. Thanks for your work. I have forwarded your web address to a few friends who are also purchasing new boats and will need registration numbers.

From: Sarah  Date: April 2004
Hi my name is Sarah. I recieved my order today. I was really happy with the quality of my stickers . I will deinintely be ordering more products from you.

From: Adam B  Date: April 2004
I recently ordered a decal from your website and let me tell you... it looks great!!! The entire decal went on smoothly and I have had no problems with it at all!!! It is very good-looking and eye-catching! Thanx for the great product and keep up the good work.

From: Katharine S  Date: April 2004
Just want to thank you guys for a wonderful job aon the decal. It looks really great! Already only after a few hours of having it on we are already gettin gcomments about how "tight" it looks:) Thank you again and will do business again with you in the future. Keep up the good work!

From: Gerald A  Date: April 2004
Received decals today. Have them on and they look and work great. Fantastic packing and fast shipping. SUPERIOR GRAPHICS is number one first class. Super Job!!

From: Thiep L  Date: April 2004
Hi I recently ordered some decals from you guys and am very impressed with your service and products. I am deinitely going to order more decals from you in the near future. I own a pocket bike and the NINJA decals really made my pocket bike look authentic. Hey, keep up the good work!

From: Laurie G  Date: May 2004
I ordered this for my tail gate. It looks really good. Ive gotten alot of comment about it. I cant wait until I can order decals for the sides and windshield.

From: Matt L  Date: May 2004
Before I used edecals.com I tried another graphics/logo website where it was self service. You uploaded your own image and basically you were responsible for your own design. I paid for some samples and they looked faded and the lines were fuzzy. Waste of my time an dmoney which is horrible for a new business trying to get started. I found edecals.com and sent an email with my logo and asked what they could do. I explained what happened in my previous experience. They suggested some minor modification to the color levels and provided the exact changes I requested. Got my stickers in the mail and couldnt be happier with the super fast customer suport and top notch quality product. I was willing to pay a little more for this kind of product an service but their prices rock bottom as well. They are getting all my future business.

From: Butch C  Date: May 2004
Just want to say I was VERY impressed with the custom decals you guys provided me with . I wasnt expecting much based on the price I was quoted but I definitly got my monies worth. Thanx guys, great job

From: Tyler R  Date: May 2004
I just wanted to thank all for the amazing banner you put together for me. It made our boat well known at our huge college function at Shasta Lake. Thought I would include a pic for you to see. Thank you again

From: Hans  Date: May 2004
Thank you for a great looking decal! Excellent work.Im sending a couple of pictures along because I think it looks great. Thanx again.

From: John W  Date: May 2004
I was really impressed with the product and the fast delivery. I submitted another order todya. You people have made me decal <C>R<>A<>Z<>Y>. I plan to submit a picture of my 1996 Ford Ranger when I get a new order of decals and get them put on the truck. Again thanx for the fast professional service.

From: Joe P  Date: May 2004
I just applied the wheel center caps I purchased and they look great. Easy to install and the colors and design were perfect. And I recieved them in just 2 days. Thanks.

From: Matt K  Date: Jun 2004
I just wanted to send you some pictures of what the decals look like on our helmets. We are very pleased with howthey turned out. Thanks!

From: Tom L  Date: Jun 2004
Many thanks for your incredibly professional handling of even our small order! Your communications were fast, clear and excellently detailed and the quality of your decals was simply exceptional. Add in the fast delivery and you have certainly made a customer for life! Great job.

From: Joann S  Date: Jun 2004
I recieved your products just the other day and was very happy with the ease of application and the quality of the product. I will be ordering more in the near future. My sons are into quad and motor racing and they use your product often.

From: Brian  Date: Jun 2004
Hey thanks I got my order today, great product very happy with the product, you guys are great.than

From: Klaudia C  Date: Jun 2004
I recieved my American Eagle flames decals and was so excited and anxious to get then on my manure spreader. I breed horses. I accidentally put them on backwards. LOL!!! Not to worry though. Im fast in either direction. I was very satisfied with the quick shipment, quality and east in applying. I will be ordering more decals from you in the future as I need flames for my tractor, mule and wheelbarrel. Am attaching a photo of the decal. I have one on each side.

From:Splant  Date: Jun 2004
very very impressed... received the eagle graphics today... took the morning to install... is awesome...would be willing to email you a pic if interested.

From: John L  Date: Jun 2004
Just a note to let you know that I recieved the registration decals that I ordered for my 1946 Chris Craft. I wanted to let you know how please I am with your work. The decals are a perfect match for the Chris Craft decal that is already on the boat. The color, shadow and outline width are all perfect. Thank you for your effore and help. This detail will really provide a classy touch to the old runabout.

From: Steve M  Date: Jun 2004
Thanks for your prompt action on my recent order. Ive installed them on my car and couldnt be more please!! Picture attached.

From: Striker C  Date: Jun 2004
I just wanted to let you know that I received my custom windshield decal an it is all ready installed. It looks terific. I have never had an easier time working with a company. The design came out perfectly. I had it delivered to me in no time and your communication was top notch. I just cant say enough about how satisfied I am with your product and service. It really does look great plus it was easy to install. Because my decal was long, I tried as your instructions say to hinge it at the top and work down. But I found it easier to still have it taped all the way across the top, but then peel half of it up and apply the decal from side to side working from each end rather than top down.

From: Searyes  Date: Jun 2004
I love the wolf graphic that I just purchased from your company. I forwarded a picture of it already and I just wanted to let you know that friends and co-workers are all now interested in pucrchasing one from you. Thank yo so much, I love it!



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