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From: Serena  Date: February 2000
Thanks.. Serena


From:Chris Tasker   Date: February 2000
I look forward to the shipment as usual, and I hope to send you a few pics of your excellent products, as well as an email proclaiming your excellent customer service.  No matter what size order, you always give me a quick response and timely turnaround from order placement to shipment receipt.  Once again, thank you for your efforts.  Chris


From:Mark Kruse   Date: February 2000
Thanks for being so helpful.  Its a great idea to supply the tracking number for the products.  I have found that a lot of business' dont do that and it is very helpful for me to use that.  Great idea for your business.  I'm like a little kid, can't wait to get my toys in the mail.   Everyone there has been so helpful, thank you for everything.


From:Jamie   Date: February 2000
Thank you for having GREAT products and service.  I am totally satisfied with your business, very professional and great quality.  I am going to have to find another car to start on pretty soon I will not have any more room on mine :)


From:Anthony   Date: February 2000
i think you guys have the coolest website. I have found all the exterior designs that I need for my car and can't wait to start ordering the things I need! Anthony McNeilly


From:Wilber Sanchez   Date: February 2000
Hello once again Michelle.. Just wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with your product. And I put is on last night. It looks great. I look forward to purchasing a lot more of your product in the very near future, Once again thanks.


From:Mike Kreider   Date: November 1999
I just finished putting the sticker I had ordered from you on my vehicle. It looks great! Your service and product is excellent and I would definitely do business again. Thank you so much!


From:Shamus Stokely   Date: March 2000
My name is Shamus and I placed an order a few days ago and received the products promptly, and earlier than expected. Your customer service was great also.


From:Nic Osburn   Date: March 2000
Ive never orderd from your company that listens to what I need and delivers it quickly like you guys DO. I love all my decals that I have ordered from you guys. They are high qaulity and easy to apply. I find myself coming up with new designs for my truck all the time, now that I've found your wonderful site. I'll be sure to send you guys a picture of my truck as soon as I get them all on. Special thanks to Michelle for all the help and answers for all my questions. I've told all my friends about your great business. keep up the awesome work.


From:Tim Patterson  Date: February 2000
Awesome job on the decals! They are a perfect color match and they look great! Keep up the good work


From: Diego Lastra  Date: February 2000
I wanted to thank you for providing such good service at reasonable prices. My first order is somewhat of a test to see how the decals will mix with my car. I plan to order a full windshield decal along with a few other things. i really enjoyed your site andf I think that is why I plan to continue shopping from it. It is a well done site and very easy to use. Keep up the good work. Thanx


From:Bob Berkebile  Date: April 2000
I used to deal with XXX.com. They are hugely overpriced. My order from them was over $300 for the same thing that was $60.00 from you guys.... Every import owner in my area now knows of you guys... Props for a great service


From:Wholesale Customer - Steve Spohn  Date: April 2000
Thanks for the prompt service, you're one of the few suppliers we that that hold true to their promised delivery dates, and thats why you'll continue to get our business. Your product is also of excellent quality, we get many compliments on the quality decals we use, they hold up to the weather real good.


From:Jeff Giles  Date: April 2000
Im just wanted to let you know that I received the decals yesterday and they look great. The TEAM XTC RACING banner came out wonderful! The others, including the K&N one that you suggested look so good. I''ll be forwarding pictures of the car with those decals, as well as the racing stripes I ordered from you previously. Thanks again and have a great day!


From: Pete  Date: May 200
A money order for $29.00 will be on its way to you sometime today. Tell your boss that one of your customers wants to praise for the absolutely outstanding job your doing. I can not thank you enough. I've spent close to 2 weeks trying to get the same thing done with other comapnies via their web sites, and they can not hold a candle to you guys. Thanks again!


From: Eric Tong  Date: February 2000
I just wanted to say "thank you" for your outstanding customer service and quality products. All of the custom decals I ordered were made under my specifications. Orders were received in a matter of days without any problems. I look forward in doing business with you guys again soon.


From:Harry Frey  Date: June 200
Gentlemen.....received my decal and install kit (the squeegee you included was great) and following your instructions and 15 minutes of labor, I've got a beatiful addition to my truck. Thanks from initial order to final application, your company and your product is excellent through and through!!!


From:Chris Johnson  Date: June 2000
Hi Just thought I'd let you know that your site is very good and very friendly and all the varied products are ewasy to find and easy to order securely. I had purchased decals for my caravan to giv eit a classier look and have been getting compliments ever since I very easily applied them. They look so good in fact that most people think the design is painted. Thanks for the speedy delivery and email confirmation also!! Your great service shows that you care alot about your customers.


From:Marty Anderson  Date: June 2000
I am so impressed with not only the really fast service, but the great quality of the graphics! I received them yesterday and apllied them and they look terrific. I will send you some pictures when it is finished.


From: Jerry Belew  Date: June 2000
Thank you and everyone in you fine organization for building a professional, easy to use website. I look forward to receiving the racing stripes, which will go on my silver-gray 1988 Toyota Supra Turbo. You folks do a fine job and I'll certainly recommend you to anyone seeking graphics or stripes. Its nice to work with people who are responsive and professional. Have a fine day!


From:Mike  Date: July 2000
I would just like to say that I got my decal today (Saturday) when I ordered it on Thursday night, which means it probably wasnt sent until Friday. I didn't expect it until Monday or Tuesday. Iwas quite surprised by your efficiency and the quality of the decal. A friend of mine who has about 6 decals on his car said the decal I received was easier to put on than any he ever had. Because of your shipping speed and quality of the product, I will do all of my ordering through you in the future, so will a bunch of my friends that are thinking about getting decals. Thank you.


From:Jeremy Decker  Date:June 2000
As promised I have taken more pictures of my car and I'm sending them to you to use however you want on your website to thank you for the excellent service I received. I have orderd from you 4 times so far and every item of every order was perfect. I was talking to a friend in school the other day and found out he gets his vinyl printed with you also.


From:Jesse Sias  Date: July 2000
Thank you for making this online order a simple and secure experience. I have received my decals and have placed them on my vehicle. They look very cool ! Your service is greatly appreciated and I look forward to doing business with you in the future!


From:Lisa Danver  Date: July 2000
Hello, i just wanted to say thank you very much for your fast, efficiant and friendly service. I received the decal I ordered faster than I though I would and am very happy with the results. Kepp up the good work! I'm sure I will be making another purchase in the future. Thanks again.


From:Mike Goodliff  Date: July 2000
Yesterday, on July 8th, I received my windshield decal. First of all, I was amazed how quickly my order came to me. It took less than a week, even with the 4th of July as an obsticle. I installed the decal as soon as it came, and was surprised also at the ease of installation. With as nice as it looks, and the quick service, I will be sure to order more from Superior Graphics. Thank you very much. All customers should feel free to send your comments to us. And remember both positive and negative feedback is encouraged. We are constantly improving aspects of the website, and it is due in part to feedback from our visitors and customers!


All customers should feel free to send your comments to us.  And remember both positive and negative feedback is encouraged.   We are constantly improving aspects of the website, and it is due in part to feedback from our visitors and customers!



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